On my first day in Melbourne, I went to Richmond, one of the "startup hubs" in town, to see the final pitches of a weekend hackathon. Not only was attending the event an inspiring experience, I was also fortunate enough to see the sunset over the CBD (central business district) and capture this photo while crossing the street to the station. 

Here's the obligatory photo of the colorfully painted Brighton beach houses. I took this shot on the way back from a morning trip to the beach and a refreshing swim in the crisp Aussie autumn ocean. Not a bad way to start the day if you ask me. 

The first time I went into downtown to explore for the day, I stepped out of Flinders Street Station and was immediately stunned by the beautiful architecture of the 116 year old building. I don't think it should be too hard for you to see why. 

During this same exploratory trip into downtown, I decided to embark on a spontaneous "coffee crawl," going from shop to shop and seeing what I discover along the way. After turning off of the main road, I came across this beautiful covered alleyway lined with several enticing shops. I was instantly transported back to Paris and the satisfaction of discovering one of the city’s many passages couvert.

As I continued along my coffee crawl, I found that many of Melbourne's most sought after coffee shops are tucked away in back alleys like the one above. This only added to the experience of "hunting" for these well-kept local gems.